The magic of exchange

We’re having a quietly fertile time here at The Gene Tree Project.

We’re dreaming of new compositions and honing existing tunes. We’re busy building new partnerships with organisations and audiences. And we’re finding inspiration all around us. We would like to share with you some of the conversations and questions that we are contemplating.

For example, read this fascinating article, ‘Telling is Listening’ by Maria Popova about the magic of human conversation. It draws on the thoughts of Ursula Le Guin, a legendary author who passed away in January this year.

It reminds us of the exchanges that happen at The Gene Tree Project.

Exchange is such an important concept here at The Gene Tree Project. We talk about how genetic material evolves across generations. We see how information, skills and experiences are shared between our composer, scientist and dramaturge in the building of a story. We see how information, skills and experiences are also passed from musician to musician in the creation of the music. And how they are also transmitted between musician and audience through the performance of that music.

It is that last exchange that is so fascinating to the artists of The Gene Tree Project; the conversation between musician and audience.

How do you create an authentic performance – an immersive musical experience – that expresses the many beautiful and dynamic exchanges that have gone before, into making performance? And as a musician, how do you listen to the audience to continue that cycle of conversation?

We continue to listen, observe and question in our quest.
And, of course, we will continue to exchange thoughts with you.

Stay tuned for our next article in which we introduce Gabby O’Connor, a visual artist from across the Tasman who is an expert in the world of art and science exchanges, and indeed in exchanging art practice with participating audiences!  Gabby and Elissa have been spending time together, comparing notes and inspirations, and dreaming big …

by Cressida Bradley with Elissa Goodrich.

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