Gene Tree Project trio opens for Extrasensory – National Science Week

Gene Tree Project in trio opened the special event Extrasensory at Victoria Parliament – Elizabeth Hall – for National Science Week and the Royal Society of Victoria last week (10th August).

It was a terrific evening of sensory science experiments, exhibitions, science magicians and music performances, and with over 200 participants and volunteers and over 1000 public audience members!

As we continue to find, audiences love hearing the music live, and especially when it is coupled with the composer’s illustrations of the science underpinning the original compositions – the peppered moth and the inherent rhythms found within evolutionary biology.

Here is a link to the wonderful musician Adam Simmons playing shakuhachi at the soundcheck: 

This year Gene Tree continues to build our musical set of climate science-inspired new music, and to reach our larger project – of engaging children and adults with the science and questions surrounding the climate emergency and the science that underpins the planet’s survival.

Currently Elissa is focused upon doing this via the St Martin’s Youth Performing Arts Centre – and explorations of key themes of adaptation and survival through children’s performance workshops for ages ranging between 9 year olds and up to  – 18 year olds.

More on this in coming articles….

Meanwhile, from our performance last week:

Images: Gene Tree Trio (Adam Simmons, Gideon Brazil and Elissa Goodrich) at Victoria Parliament – soundcheck for Extrasensory – National Science Week


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