Gene Tree Project – 2021 plans

Some exciting news! Gene Tree Project will be presenting a large-scale immersive performance season in partnership with St Martins Performing Youth Arts Centre and The Royal Botanical Gardens – Melbourne, flagged at this stage, for November this year.

As we commence this next phase of Gene Tree – we will be exploring with the children of St Martins YPAC workshops and the primary school children of Dandenong Primary how their relationship to evolution, to resilience, adaption and extinction brings to light new questions around the science of evolutionary biology, of our world in climate emergency, and of how sound, music, rhythm and story-telling enables ways of asking, resolving and inspiring.

“Gene Tree: Listen. Now. Again is a live musical experience of evolutionary biology. Created and conducted by kids, the performance combines stories, music and a physical score, to lead audiences on an adventure into the life and death patterns of Earth’s Gene Tree. This interactive and immersive journey digs into the threat of climate crisis. Kids who live on the front line of addressing this global challenge share their stories of change, adaptation and hope to uncover what connects us to each other and to the natural world.”

Wishing all readers a safe and healthy new year.

Duck at the Royal Botanic Gardens – Melbourne (12.2020), Moth hovers on the pavement (10.2020)

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